$30-35 per hour

Each actor receives an hour of uninterrupted training. This includes anything from vocal warm-ups to text analysis to method exercises. Actors are given pieces to work with based on their starting level of technique and what they hope to learn.


$50 per hour

For the sake of carpooling and collaborating, group lessons are an excellent option. Preferably no more than 3 actors per group. Any group contract can be spit into two individual contracts as needed, free of charge.


Lessons available starting May  16, 2016.
Contracts can be signed prior to or upon the first lesson. Contracts will only cover the months of May through October. Payment is required monthly or weekly and can be negotiated per contract.
Any missed lessons will not be reimbursed but can be made up on a different date.
Please notify at least an hour in advance if a lesson will be missed.